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Based upon the popular lecture, Introduction to Chinese Medicine, and meant to serve as an

entertaining and brief introduction to the discipline for patients and the general public, this two

part video series in slideshow format offers a thought provoking glimpse into some of the

foundational concepts, methods, and applications of Chinese medicine.

(Best viewed full screen 1080HD. Controls at bottom, right of video screen.)


Part One: Foundations (16 min.)

This episode contains a non-technical introduction to some of the important basic

concepts underlying Chinese medicine along with some intriguing contemporary

evidence for their validity.



Part Two: Applications (15 min.)

Describing the nature of the relationship between patients and practitioners

along with something of the therapeutic process itself, this episode moves on to

offer an introduction to some of the various healing modalities utilized in Chinese

medicine. The video concludes with an amusing bonus clip of relevance to some of the

concepts presented in part one.




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