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April, 2017

We are pleased to announce the completion of our two part video series “Introduction to Chinese Medicine!”

Based on the lecture series of the same name and inspired by the positive feedback and encouragement that we received from attendees at our classroom sessions, the series offers a brief introduction to some of the foundational concepts and methods of classical Chinese medicine in a readily accessible and entertaining slideshow format.

For those unfamiliar with Chinese medicine, we hope that the series will convey something of the discipline’s essence at the same time as it provides all viewers with a fascinating glimpse at some of the contemporary and, at times,  surprising evidence in support of its principles.

We certainly had a great deal of fun producing the series!

To access these videos, please click here.



January, 2017

Join Sherry on Saturday, January 21st from 10am to 11:30am at Burlington’s Goodness Me for her lecture entitled:

“TCM and Weight Management”


Did you know that according to Statistics Canada:
– One in four adult Canadians and one in 10 children are clinically obese?
– Just over a third of Canadians are overweight?
– Canada ranks third, internationally, in the percentage of the population that is overweight or obese?
Obesity and overweight status are linked to a variety of health risks such as coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, cancer, and osteoarthritis. In this presentation, registered practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine Sherry Fang Liu highlights some of the numerous advantages of incorporating TCM methods into conventional diet and exercise-based programs of weight-management. Following a brief overview of some related physiological concepts, you will learn: how TCM identifies and aims to treat the root causes of weight gain, how TCM and Western methods can complement each other, and what clinical research has demonstrated- regarding the effectiveness of TCM techniques. Over the course of the presentation, several acupressure points of assistance in the reduction of cravings will be demonstrated.


November, 2016

Shanghai Acrobats come to Burlington!

For more information about this world class act of choreographed acrobatics,
please visit the website of The Burlington Centre for the Performing Arts


November, 2016

Join Sherry  on Saturday, November 19th  at Hamilton Mountain’s Goodness Me for her presentation:

“Fertility and Traditional Chinese Medicine”


According to some estimates, infertility affects approximately one in six couples in Canada. In this presentation, registered practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine Sherry Fang Liu presents some of the results of contemporary research regarding the effectiveness and action of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of infertility. You will also learn about how the methods of TCM can effectively compliment conventional medical treatments such as IVF and IUI. Along the way, some examples of things that can be done at home to facilitate the chances of conceiving a healthy baby naturally will be discussed.


September, 2016

Join Sherry  on Saturday, September 17th  at Hamilton Mountain’s Goodness Me for her presentation: “Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine”


Traditional Chinese Medicine serves the health care needs of over a quarter of the world’s population. In this seminar, Registered Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine Sherry Fang Liu offers a fascinating look into the foundations and methods of what is one of the oldest but, especially today, still highly relevant systems of health-care. You will learn about the intriguing way in which health and illness are defined from an Eastern perspective, how illness is believed to come about, as well as of the various healing techniques characteristic of TCM and how they can be used to effectively, naturally and safely treat a wide range of illnesses. Along the way, practical tips will be provided regarding small and simple changes that you can make in your day-to-day routines that can have lasting and positive effects on your own health and wellness.


May, 2016

Drop by our booth and meet Sherry at the 2016 Burlington Wholistic Wellness Expo on Sunday, June 5th

This year’s venue will be at the  Burlington Holiday Inn Hotel, 3063 South Service Road.

For more information about the show, or to purchase tickets, please visit the Expo’s website.


February, 2016

Join Sherry  on Saturday, February 20th (10am -11:30 am) at Brantford’s Goodness Me for her presentation on the topic of TCM and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Residents of Burlington and the surrounding areas may wish to catch her second offering of this seminar on Saturday, March 12th (10am-11:30am) in Burlington.


Canada has one of the highest rates of IBS in the world.Five million Canadians (14%) suffer from IBS with 120,000 Canadians developing the condition each yearIt is a common health concern that can be safely and effectively treated through the use of traditional Chinese medicine.In this presentation, Registered Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine Sherry Fang Liu will discuss IBS, from the perspective of Oriental medicine.  You will learn how what is commonly diagnosed as IBS here in the West, is otherwise known as a group of related but separate disorders, each with a different cause, pattern of symptoms and treatment. You will also learn the location and function of 6 different acupressure points, along with breathing exercises and dietary tips, that you can easily use at home to help manage your symptoms and stay healthy.