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“To keep the body in good health is a duty.”

– Buddha


Sherry Fang Liu
Sherry Fang Liu R.TCMP, R. Ac B.Sc. TC Pharm. (China)

Having lost her father to a health-related condition in her infancy, Sherry grew to develop a keen interest in health-related matters. This inclination was encouraged by her mother, a hard-working single parent of three, who also introduced her to the concepts of prevention and naturally-based remedies.


Years later, she completed studies in the pharmacy of traditional Chinese medicine at the renowned Pharmaceutical University of China prior to working in industry as a specialist in the research, quality control, and manufacture of herbal medicines.


Finding her interests more aligned with work related to clinical applications, she moved on to serve at GSK and Merck corporations as a pharmaceutical representative for several years prior to immigrating to Canada where she pursued studies in nutrition before furthering her education in traditional Chinese medicine and earning licensure as a practitioner in the field.


With the same regard to prevention and naturally-based treatments that she learned in her youth, she is passionate about assisting her patients in their pursuit of good health and quality living!


When not at work, Sherry enjoys practicing Tai Chi, exploring the tastes of international cuisine, cooking, travel, and spending quality time with her husband and their pets.




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